X³ – Iannis Xenakis – ein Geburtstagskonzert




Iannis Xenakis

Mikka (1971) - Dhipli Zyia (1952) - Phlegra (1975) - Okho (1989) -

Waarg (1988) - Charisma (1971) - Theraps (1975-76) - Mikka „S" (1976)

"In the Philips Pavilion, I realised the basic ideas of Metastaseis. As in music, here I was interested in the question of whether it was possible to go from one point to another without breaking continuity." [Bálint András Varga: Conversations with Iannis Xenakis]

An approach to the uniqueness of Xenakis and his work is possibly most effective within the framework of such a homage with a "composed" instrumental programme. Xenakis possessed an unusually great understanding of sometimes parallel developments in the fields of music and mathematics.

We follow the above-mentioned creative idea of continuity, which was one of the essential premises of his work, with a concert programme in which two solo works for violin Mikka and Mikka S form the beginning and end points of which Xenakis spoke.

The evening will be staged by Anisha Bondy, with Vladimir Jurowski as musical director.

Vladimir Jurowski, conductor

Anisha Bondy, scenic design

Anne Hölzinger, spatial concept

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Getting there

Invalidenstraße 3
10115 Berlin