X³ – Iannis Xenakis und das abstrakte Ballett




Iannis Xenakis - Kraanerg (1969)

For dancers, 23 instrumentalists and four-track tape

"Until Merce Cunningham, ballet was only an expression of feelings and emotional relationships. The question is how to replace these with abstract events. How can you create a choreography that is exclusively about forms and their interplay in space and time?" [Bálint András Varga: Conversations with Iannis Xenakis.]

Kraanerg was created in 1968/1969 for the opening of the Canadian National Arts Centre in Ottawa and the two Greek word stems roughly mean "performed action". In Xenakis' work, the title refers to the youth movement of the time.

After several successful projects by unitedberlin together with the choreographer Jiří Bartovanec and his team of dancers, this cooperation will be continued with Kraanerg. Arturo Tamayo, a renowned Xenakis specialist, will conduct the work.

Arturo Tamayo, conductor

Nicola Mascia, Jan Razima, Elia Lopez, Jaan Männima,

Yi-Chi Lee, Yechan Kim, Roman Varava, dancers

Jiří Bartovanec, choreography

Andre Bartetzki, electronics

With the kind support of

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