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Iannis Xenakis - Oresteia (1965/1989)

Xenakis created a universe inspired by ancient Greek philosophy. Oresteia is his adaptation of Aeschylus' Oresteia. Based on the Greeks' war against the Trojans, one senses throughout the deconstructions and cruelties that ensue.

Xenakis himself was badly affected by the Second World War. As a young man he joined the resistance movement in Athens, first against the German occupiers and finally against the British. In 1945 he was hit in the face by British shrapnel and lost his left cheek and one eye. After a death sentence, he was hidden by his father in the hold of a ship and reached Paris in 1947. From that moment on, his creative work was driven by an existential necessity; he had survived.

The sound world of his music reflects what surrounded him. There are sounds from nature, such as thunderstorms or flocks of sheep, as well as sounds from wartime: choral slogans from demonstration marches, gunshots, silence, screams.

Oresteia is more topical than ever and should be a ritualistic spatial sound experience - and if you let it, you can hear the earth opening up.

Roland Hayrabedian, Dirigent

Anisha Bondy, szenische Einrichtung

Anne Hölzinger, Raumkonzept

Patrice Balter, Bariton


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