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Born out of the historic stroke of luck of German reunification, ensemble unitedberlin was founded in 1989 in Berlin - a symbol of the renewed bonding of music and musicians in the long-divided capital. unitedberlin is cross-border, not only in the musical sense but also internationally: guest appearances in contemporary music festivals in Albania, Brazil, France, Israel, Poland, Russia, Spain, South Korea, China, Hungary, Switzerland, Iran and the USA complement the ensembles regular work in Berlin.

So what have we actually been doing for 30 years? Does our work, the presentation of new music in the concert hall, still resemble that of 100 years ago, when freshly written compositions were only heard live and Anton Webern wrote of the Berlin premiere of Pierrot Lunaire: “At the end, there was absolutely no sign of protest. Schönberg and the performers had to return to the stage again and again, particularly Schönberg of course; the audience kept on calling him back. It was an unqualified success.” No, it is no longer the same - but we want to experience that again! To use an expression from the art world: we see our role of mediating interpreters as exhibitors of the musical avant-garde - with the aim of creating a profitable reality for artists and consumers alike.

unitedberlin works with the most renowned conductors of our time. Our current work is marked by intense collaboration with international young composers resident in Berlin.

We see ourselves as exhibitors of the musical avant-garde, with the aim of creating a profitable reality for artists and consumers alike.

Andreas Bräutigam

founding member

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Ensemble in residence

unitedberlin has worked closely with the Konzerthaus Berlin for many years. This cooperation resulted in the Konzerthaus inviting unitedberlin to be the Ensemble in Residence for four years, with Vladimir Jurowski as Artistic Advisor, thus bringing a collaboration which started 25 years ago with joint concerts and CD productions full circle.

Vladimir Jurowski

The internationally renowned conductor Vladimir Jurowski has been musical director of the Glyndebourne Opera festival since 2001, and Principal Conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra since 2007. He acts as Artistic Advisor to ensemble unitedberlin.